Top 5 Anniversary gift ideas your partner will love!

Dear men,

We get it, it's hard to pick the right gift for your loving partner. For some of us the romance thing doesn't always come naturally, so we're here to help you out. And we'll try to cater to any budget you might have in mind - although you might need to up your game just a teensy bit... :)

1. Vacation tickets

Always a winner! And it doesn't need to be a five star resort in a faraway sunny destination, you can adapt it to any budget. It could just be a romantic weekend getaway somewhere within driving distance. Try and book a romantic hotel/B&B in a place that has some sights to see, make sure there aren't pre-existing engagements on the weekend/week you choose and check that your loved one can get off work if need be. And to top it all off, put the ticket in a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates when you give it to her. Trust us, you'll score with this one!

2. Surprise party

If it's a special number this year, time to plan ahead! Nothing more special than to celebrate your love with your closest friends and family. Pro-tip: involve the best friend and/or the mom. It's going to be hard to pull this one off on your own. But thankfully, that's what best friends and/or moms are for! They'll be able to ensure your partner doesn't have something similar planned, and they'll be able to help you with the organization and the attention to personal taste and detail.

3. The Classics

Tried and true, you can't go wrong with the classics: a dozen roses, some Belgian chocolates and A LOT of candles! - Just be careful not to burn the house down.

4. Personalized gift

This is a wide category and encompasses anything that's personalized or engraved. For this one, try to choose something that caters to your relationship. Whether it's a piece of jewelry, a travel map, a photo album, your love story on print or some wall art, if it's personalized, it'll be extra special! Oh and if you present it with some flowers and candles on the side, it'll be a triple win!

5. An adventure!

If you're the adventurous type - or even if you're not - you can mix it up this year by taking her out for the day. Start the day off with a nice breakfast/brunch and give your partner the plan for the day in a unique way. What you plan for the day should be catered to your partner entirely. If she likes to go shopping, take her to her favorite places. If she likes things a little more adventurous, take her sky-diving (you can also do this indoor to keep it on the safe side), or any other fun activity. Whatever you pick for the day, if it's catered to your partner's personal likes it's a guaranteed hit!

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